Health and body care

Looking for the right workwear for your hospital, medical practice, pharmacy, massage salon, or nursing service? KAJA's healthcare workwear seeks to provide a unified look for employees in the medical and nursing industry. We offer a complete range of clothing from T-shirts and shirts to tunics and doctor's trousers and coats, always in a comfortable and flexible fit. Of course, your logo will be embroidered or printed.

Nursing Scrubs

  • Our tunics elevate professional fashion to a new level. Designed as the ideal workwear, they combine style and comfort and are particularly popular in the nursing profession. The fabric used is either 100% cotton with a share of stretch fiber to ensure maximum movement or high-quality Lyocell fabric. Both fabrics are soft, pleasant to the skin, and odor-resistant. It is recommended to wash at 40° and iron inside out. TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG

White coats

  • The white coat is an essential piece of clothing for doctors, laboratory technicians, hygienists, and students of chemistry, biology, and many other disciplines. Lab coats both protect you and help you represent. That's why our lab coats are made of 100% cotton – the fabric most gentle to the skin – and come with elastane to ensure amazing comfort. The important part is that the fabric the coats are high temperature and chemical resistant, which is extremely important when working with chemical agents


  • Modern yet very functional dresses on their own or with leggings, in the form of sweatshirts, shirtsleeves, sleeves. Thanks to the stretch fabric and elastic knit inserts, it is very comfortable, in bright colour variations that will make you stand out at work. Thanks to the addition of Lycra, they don't need to be ironed. The dress is a product aimed at doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and also ladies in the beauty industry (spa, wellness, aesthetic medicine clinics) 


  • We offer multi-purpose straight-cut trousers and leggings as well. They can be worn in a variety of settings, from medical offices to massage and beauty salons. They show great durability in everyday use.
    Thanks to the stretchy fabric, they are wonderfully comfortable, permanently elastic, and always stay in perfect shape. We have types of trousers without pockets, with side pockets, with two back sewn-in pockets... whatever the customer needs.. Fabrics used for industrial washing

Shirts and blouses

  • We offer work shirts and blouses in many different sizes and height groups. The important thing is that the wearer feels comfortable and performs activities without any limitations – all while looking fabulous the entire time. Our new range of shirts and blouses is made of high-quality Lyocell. The fabric is especially soft, pleasant to the skin, and odor-resistant. It is recommended that Lyocell (TENCEL™) be washed at 40° and ironed inside out. TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG


  • We offer men's and women's polo shirts in a wide range of colors, with a classic cut or an open neck without buttons. Our polo shirts come equipped with a knit collar and are highly stable in terms of colour and shape. The fine fabric, with a high percentage of combed cotton and elastane, guarantees the absolute best in wearing comfort 


  • High quality T-shirts with double stitching and side seams. We offer two types: a slim fit with narrow sleeves or a classic straight cut. It gets its pleasantly smooth and soft surface from a high percentage of combed cotton with elastane content