Company fashion
is more
than just clothes


At KAJA, we know our customers' needs from a wide range of activities and industries, and we love inventing and designing the absolute best for your company. Our experts will guide you from the selection to the completion and delivery of your new collection of corporate fashions.

After all, every company should have individual, unique clothing

We'll show you how to captivate your customers and team alike with a unique and individual collection of company fashions

  • turn your employees into a team
  • reinforce your company values and identity
  • a unique company fashion collection – impresses your customers

Requirements for modern workwear

There is no article of clothing your employees wear as often or as long as their uniforms. As we create your individualized concept, it's not just appearance that plays a key role, but also the quality of the clothing and the safety of the wearer. Quality labels such as OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certify apparel that is free of harmful substances and poses no health risks.

Features of modern workwear


Long - lasting
Won't lose cut or color, even after frequent washing

Combining a fashionable look with functional features

Must not limit the wearer at work

Easy to maintain
Low keeping costs