How many pieces of workwear should I order?

The number of pieces of clothing per employee depends, among other things, on the type of activity. If your employee has in-person contact with customers, or if their clothing is subject to heavy wear and tear, it may also need to be replaced throughout the day. In principle, you can follow this basic rule as a guide:

BASE LAYER: If a shirt/polo is worn directly on the skin, each employee should have at least 5 pieces so they can wear a new one every day and wash it every week.

MIDDLE LAYER: Garments with little or no skin contact (e.g. sweatshirts) do not necessarily need to be washed every day. Each employee should therefore receive 3 pieces.

OUTER LAYER: Our experience shows that 1 item per employee is sufficient. Here, different pieces should be combined to keep your employees well equipped throughout the year. More items than that would only make sense in cases of intensive use.

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