Work uniforms


With these products it's all about high long-lasting, durable, and high quality fabrics and well done. Looking for workwear to handle the demands of a grueling all-day shift? You are in the right place with KAJA.

Durable work trousers for men and women, waistcoats and jackets with functional details, as well as stylish poloshirts or T-shirts for your entire team.
With KAJA's functional workwear, you will always be comfortably dressed and ready for action. Of course, your logo will be embroidered or printed. 


  • We offer men's and women's poloshirts in a wide range of colours, with a classic cut or an open neck without buttons. Our poloshirts come equipped with a knit collar and are highly stable in terms of colour and shape. The fine fabric, with a high percentage of combed cotton and elastane, guarantees the absolute best in wearing comfort


  • High quality T-shirts with double stitching and side seams. We offer two types: slim fit with narrow sleeves or a classic straight cut. It gets its pleasantly smooth and soft surface from a high percentage of combed cotton with elastane content


  • We offer multi-purpose straight-cut trousers, overalls, and shorts. These are designed for everyday manual labour of moderate intensity. They are highly durable due to their cut, workmanship, and the fabrics used. Depending on the demands of the job, the trousers are equipped with knee pads, additional pockets, and a belt with a carrying pouch. Thanks to the stretchy fabric, they are wonderfully comfortable, permanently elastic, and always stay in perfect shape


  • A sweatshirt serves as a mid-layer over a t-shirt or poloshirt and can be made of cotton either as a pullover or a zippered hoodie. A fleece sweatshirt is suitable for colder conditions. We offer comfortable traditional sweatshirts with a perfect fit and modern design. These come in a range of colours so that they always match the first and third layers of the uniform in terms of colour and style

Waistcoats and jackets

  • Work waistcoats and jackets should be part of every uniform, since every profession spends some time outdoors. Stretchable SOFTSHELL fabric offers a high degree of freedom of movement and is partially water-proof. We offer products in softshell only, or with a mesh lining, in both men's and women's versions